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    Delivering creative Canadian
    tourist souvenirs to retail since 1988.

Fill-a-Niche is one of Canada's most innovative and trusted wholesale suppliers of uniquely Canadian-themed souvenirs and tourist retail gifts.

Since 1988 Fill-a-Niche has been specializing in wholesaling Canadian-themed tourism gifts to brick and mortar retailers across the country. From the far eastern shores of Newfoundland to the wild, west coast of Vancouver Island and as far north as the Arctic Circle. Read more..

New For 2019

2019 promises to be an exciting year for Fill-a-Niche  customers as we launch nearly 20 new items for Spring delivery. Shown here is what some of our early customer research has hilighted to most likely to be some of our best sellers for 2019. Have a look, you decide!  Click here

Fill-a-Niche All-Time Best Sellers​

Fill-a-Niche has an impressive track record of providing its customers with some of the best sell-throughs in the industry! Listed below are Fill-a-Niche's Top 6 sellers of all time.