10 Oct

Eye-popping ideas and promotional products.

eyepopping promotional products

eyepopping promotional products

Looking for an eye popping promotional idea? Check us out.

Custom USB shapes and designs. Click to View

Custom Power Bank shapes and designs. Click to View

Custom Bluetooth Speaker shapes and designs. Click to View

07 Oct

Put the Eye-Catching Back In Your Promo

funny promotional products

funny promotional products

I have to ask? When did we get so safe, so boring with our promotions?

Is it not our job to get the advertiser and client to make a statement, to catch someones eye?

If so, then isn’t it our job to make sure we give them something memorable? Something that gets their message to “stick”!

If this is true then you should consider getting Promo Crunch to show you what can be done with your logo or product to turn it into a Custom Flash Drive, Custom Power Bank or Custom Bluetooth Speaker.

Check out just a few ideas below and then email us or call 1-888-908-1481